Our Classes

We offer both group classes and private instruction.  If you book a private hour and your kids are between 5 -10, they can come along in Kids Kayaks.

I'm Nancy Vincent, owner of SUP Westchester.  I found my love for the water and fitness at a young age growing up in Westchester County.  I spent the majority of my early years swimming competitively and later completed numerous Olympic distance triathlons. 

But with a passion for the water and a drive to stay fit, I decided to take up paddle boarding 6 years ago. 

I'm a World Paddle Association Certified Instructor and American Red Cross certified in First Aid/CPR/AED and Waterfront Lifeguarding.

About Me

About SUP

One of the fantastic aspects to SUP is that it gets all the muscles in the body moving at one time. Unlike other sports that isolate certain areas that body Stand Up Paddling requires everything from your head to your toes to get moving at once. In addition the art of balancing has been proven to help offset the natural deterioration of our brains as we age.